BloodySugar comics in-depth: Creating a cover for Ch. #5

Another Bloodysugar chapter is completed, and a new cover is needed for the next chapter: so I asked Federico to draw something sexy, with Bloodysugar sitting in a BDSM pose, wearing leather lingerie and holding a whip in her hands, and Professor Mircea and Irina’s faces on the background.
His preliminary sketch was something really small; about 0,7 inches large (or 2 cm), red ink on paper: you can see it here.
BloodySugar cover sketch 01

The position seemed good (even as small icon above!), but he did a larger sketch with Macromedia Flash and his tablet:

BloodySugar cover sketch 02

Poor Federico, sometimes he has to deal with me: I immediatly asked him for some fixings; I didn’t like the leather dress. Since the comic is set at the start of 1900 in Bohemia, even with all the freedom of a fantasy influence with magic and technomancers, I didn’t really like the latex looking modern outfit.
So I asked him to change the lingerie with something more… classic.

BloodySugar cover sketch 03

Good, good… I was delighted by the new outfit but something still didn’t look right to me: “please Federico, can you change the hair? Don’t draw them so windy and moving, I’d prefer straight, going down to the floor…”. Federico instead of kindly telling me to **** ***, just corrected the sketch for the second time. :P I also asked to remove Irina and Mircea, to give more breath to the image.

Look at the final sketch, ready to be inked and colored.

BloodySugar cover sketch 03

Now, the inked version that came to me for the coloring work.

BloodySugar cover bw
Finally, the result! I hope you like it. This picture is available in the site in a larger resolution file and also as desktop wallpaper! See you next time. :)


BloodySugar cover sketch 05