BloodySugar comics in-depth: Fashion references

As you already know, BloodySugar comics start in 1899 in Bohemia so I’m always on the net searching for locations and fashion history, even if we feel free to change some details, since is a parallel 1899… where magic and alchemy worked much more than we know and where evil creatures run through the lands spreading fear and terror.

In page 3 and 4 we see Bette in different suits: a night dress and in the next page, a wedding dress…

Federico did a great job (as usual :)) slightly modifying the night dress to make it sexier:

Night Dress

This is a 1901 night dress. Bette wears something similiar here:

Bette Night dress

and here:

Bette Night dress 2

Then in the next page we see Bette in a wedding dress, while she’s sleepeing and dreaming…

Bette Wedding

Luckily we found some early 1900 bridal photos and references… here is the original dress Federico took inspiration from:

1900 bride
That’s all for now… I hope you liked our little research and the results!

Hugs and thanks