Bloodysugar Ch #2 locations - Národní Muzeum

Národní Muzeum in Prague

There are many beautiful and interesting museums in Prague but the Národní Muzeum is maybe the most famous.

Bloodysugar #2 Page 4 sketch

It’s also known as the National Museum and its large halls host a lot of breathtaking founds from prehistory, and more: Prehistory, Protohistory, Archeology, Ethonography are the most valued departments. You could get lost between dinosaur skeletons there! I did some research to find such museum since I needed such a location where our nasty purple-haired villain could act. Here you can see the preliminary sketch Federico did of the Museum, and the final result after coloured!

Národní Muzeum in Prague on BloodySugar comic

Also, the seal you can see on Chapter #2 page 5 (below) is the seal of the Charles University in Prague. BloodySugar enters an off limits area of the Museum, where relics and founds to catalogue are kept for study and research. Honestly, I don’t know is such area exist in the Narodni… I made it up!
By the way, (Charles University) is the largest and oldest Czech universities and one of the oldest in Europe, foundend in 1347.

Seal of Univerzita Karlova

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