Bark at the moon!

…I couldn’t resist to title this blog like Ozzy’s song . :D

Let’s talk now about werewolves. In the latest BloodySugar Chapter (#6, precisely) we meet some new characters. Ladislas the werewolves Prince, and Anezka.

Two words about the names. Anezka is the Czech for Agnes. Means “Pure”. Ladislas is a Slavonian name (also Ladislav or Vladislav). Means glorious ruler, or glorious power.

The first studies for him and her kept Federico a bit busy. Here are some preliminary sketches.

The Werewolf Prince, Ladislas.

Prince Ladislas

Anezka and werewolves study.


Anezka first sketch

I choose her to be fair blonde, after some thoughts. Sketch and colors by Federico.


The very first appereance of Ladislas.

Ladislas 1st Appereance

Now some parts of the finished comic pages, to see how they look like in full color.

BloodySugar page 2 ch 6 -part-

Anezka VS Ladislas

That’s all for now.  I hope you enjoyed this gallery!

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