Jewel Game part II

Hello everyone!

I know you already are aware of the Strip Jewel Game featuring BloodySugar… but we recently added the second character strip tease… and in case you didn’t notice or you’re a newcomer, check this out. You can play the free demo version here:

but if you really want to play in all relax and you’re a site member, try the Classic Mode! The timer mode is indeed challenging, but I love Classic without timer because I can pause the game and play it later… ;)

Now you can choose between two sexy characters to undress, BloodySugar and Irina the French maid. We’ll add new characters soon. GG!
BloodySugar Jewel Game

BloodySugar Gem Swap Game

Irina Bloodysugar Strip Jewel Game Gem Swap

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BloodySugar Jewels Game Gem Swap

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