Some notes on Bloodysugar setting.

We choose to set this comic in a sort of parallel, steampunk-ish 1899 East-European land.
East Europa is indeed a fascinating place, lustfully green and wild and the cities and villages still preserve a gothic look and taste, and the superstitions and legends are well known all around the world and along with some historical figures create a unique scenario. Here you can see a picture of Prague, the Old Town Square.

So, in the next posts I’d like to talk not only about Bloodysugar production stories but also of Vlad Tepes, well konwn as “the impaler” Prince of Wallachia, or the bloody Countess, the Frankenstein story and Dracula books and movies…
If you like, I’ll post some short but interesting details about historical and legendary characters.
I promise to keep my posts short but informative, it is not my purpose to copy and paste Wikipedia stuff or very long arcticles boring to read! ;)

Thank you everyone,


Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia (1431 - 1476)


A shot from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (Francis Ford Coppola, 1992)

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