BloodySugar In-depth: 1900 kitchen

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Welcome to a new BloodySugar blog, an in-depth on the artwork.
As I already said, we often search for realistic inspiration for backgrounds and house settings, since the comic is set in the Eastern Europe 1899, in Bohemia, Romania and such. Of course you can find many fantastic elements like alchemy and technomancy, but basically Prague is Prague, and a late 1800 - early 1900 kitchen should be as much faithful as possible.
In issue 3 we met the nasty professor, Mircea, and her loyal and sexy maid Irina. In page 7, chapter III, we can see the kitchen of Mircea’s house;
Federico took inspiration from a 1900 kitchen reconstruction we found on the internet searching for photos.
Here is a preliminary sketch of the ambient, the old kitchen with the typical furnitures. Following, Mircea and Irina and irina in the kitchen.


Bloodysugar - Mircea Kitchen

Irina Mircea BloodySugar Comics

Irina BloodySugar Comics

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