BloodySugar MSN & AIM Avatars (part 1)

Hi guys!

I wanted to share with you as a free download, some AIM and MSN Live Messenger avatars… hoping you like them! This is to annouce we’ll open a Download section soon on the site… members will get all the avatars in zipped files :)

Also, some nice Winamp Skins.

I’ll post 5 Avatars for AIM and 5 for MSN now… stay tuned for more Avatars to come!

AIM Small (48×48):

Bette1 AIM Avatar BloodySugar 1 AIM Avatar Kolja 1 AIM Avatar Miss Locke 1 AIM Avatar Shirogami 1 AIM Avatar

AIM Medium (64×64):

Bette 1 AIM avatar - medium BloodySugar 1 AIM avatar - medium Kolja 1 AIM avatar - medium Lady Locke 1 AIM avatar - medium Shirogami 1 AIM avatar - medium

MSN- AIM large (96×96):

Bette 1 MSN Avatar BloodySugar 1 MSN Avatar Kolja 1 MSN Avatar

Lady Locke 1 MSN Avatar Shirogami 1 MSN Avatar

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