Hello everybody! Serena here.
I am the writer and colorist of BloodySugar comics (and also, writer and colorist of Quest For Fun comics on, but this is another story…)
I like to read a lot… especially Terry Pratchett books, and also Stephen King, Alan Moore and many many comics. Superhero comics, but I like manga and Anime too… I also love roleplay .(hey RoleMaster, Postatomic kicks ass! I hope to survive to see the dawning of the 3rd level for my poor healer…)

ASL? Please, don’t be so predictable ;)
But here’s my pic, drinking beer with friends.


Here is the same picture, after the beer… :D By Federico!


I’ll post some in depth stuff about BloodySugar, work in progress, details, thoughts… Hope to hear from you. For sharing any thoughts, suggestions, questions or such, feel free to write.



BloodySugar opens!

BloodySugar is now fully functional! Hooray!

BloodySugar cover art

Welcome to BloodySugar!

Testing the blog.  Hello everybody.